The Podiatrist

For most of my life I had no foot problems at all, but then I suddenly began to experience pain in my right foot – between the arch and the heel.  After a few weeks I spoke to my family physician about the problem, and he referred me to a podiatrist.

The podiatrist examined my foot, asked me a few questions, had my foot x-rayed, and then diagnosed the problem as a heel spur.  Evidently it is a very common foot ailment.  He injected my foot with cortisone and had an assistant use ultrasound and apply an arch-supporting bandage.  I was asked to come back in two weeks.  During the second visit I received the same treatment, except there was no x-ray.  There was no improvement in my foot.

A week or so after my second visit to the podiatrist, I encountered a former co-worker whom I remembered having foot problems, and I asked him about it.  He said that his problem was also diagnosed as a heel spur.  After several visits to a foot specialist, with no improvement in his condition, he had started wearing arch supports.  The problem had gone away.

I immediately headed for the local pharmacy and purchased some arch supports, and my foot began to feel much better.  That is, it was feeling better until I received a bill from the podiatrist.  At that point I felt bad all over.

P.S.  I do not wish to disparage podiatrists.  The incident I described happened a number of years ago.  I see a podiatrist regularly now, and I have the highest respect for him and his skill

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