Violence Against Women

I assume that everyone except the most evil persons among us is against violence toward women.  Recently there has been a push in Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.  It had somehow been allowed to expire.

I know nothing about the details of the legislation, and I certainly approve the sentiments being expressed.  However, I do have one major concern.  Why should this be the business of our national legislature?  With rare exceptions, criminal law is administered by the several states.  Does not violence against women come under the definition of a criminal offense?

I believe the proposed Congressional action is another illustration of the fact that many United States Senators and Representatives, especially those of a liberal bent, simply do not trust state and local governments.  They seem to think that all wisdom and virtue resides in Washington, and we should forget the principle of federalism upon which this nation was founded.

In the meantime, matters of true national concern and jurisdiction, such as our ballooning thirty trillion dollar debt, are ignored.  Wise men indeed???

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