Prosecutoral Malfeasance

On Dec. 16, 2021, Police Officer Keona Holley was shot while sitting in her patrol car in southern Baltimore. Travon Shaw, 32, a violent felon awaiting trial on a gun possession charge, was the assassin.   A week after the ambush, Holley was removed from life support and died, leaving behind four children and a stricken police force.

The city of Baltimore experienced more than 300 murders in 2021. Eight of these victims were white.  The great majority were blacks killing other blacks..  Several blacks were killed in armed confrontations with the police, but there is no evidence that any unarmed black was the victim of a police shooting.

Lax criminal prosecutions are one cause of the high murder rate.  In the name of equity (fairness to overprosecuted blacks) and with the excuse of burdened prosecutors and crowded prisons, dangerous felons are often released with little or no bond, and they often commit other crimes while awaiting further judicial proceedings.  Justice has become a revolving door.

In addition to her poor record in dealing with Baltimore murders, rapes, and other serious crimes, Baltimore States Attorney Marilyn Mosby refuses to prosecute so-called quality-of life offenses. These include  drug possession, street prostitution, trespassing, minor traffic offenses, open alcohol, urinating and defecating in public, and breaking into and theft from vehicles.   As a result of these insane policies, many areas in the city of Baltimore are fast losing their tenuous grip on civilization and are reverting to savagery. 

I pray that the citizens of Baltimore will arouse themselves, recognize the impending danger, and throw out Mosby and her associates.   While flying the banner of progressivism and racial equity, these people are destroying their city.  

The same sort of thing is happening in Seattle, San Francisco and other progressive run cities across the nation.

Look for competent leaders, black or white, and then elect them.

The time for action grows short.   

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