Faith vs Reason

Faith vs reason  is the third major area of disagreement between progressives and conservatives. 

This is a generalization, of course, but progressives usually have a negative view of organized religion and are especially hostile towards Christian conservatives.  They are offended by the Bible’s stultifying pronouncements on such subjects as sexual morality and family relationships.  They tend to view Christian leaders as canting hypocrites.  Most of them seem to believe that the material world is all there is, science will eventually provide all the answers, and one’s life goal should be maximize pleasure while doing the least possible harm to his or her fellow human beings.  They think of truth as being relative rather than absolute, and human reason is their guiding star.

Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to be religious people.  Most believe in God, and many consider the Bible to be God’s holy word and the source of absolute truth.  Although they believe in science, they also believe in a world beyond science and the material universe.  They look to God for guidance, and they like to say that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

It is interesting to see how these differences in beliefs play themselves out in the political arena.  Progressives seek to develop a godless utopian society built on rational, egalitarian concepts and confidence in the perfectibility of man (in their own narcissistic image).  Conservatives consider God’s words about man’s sinful nature, examine the historical record, and prefer a society built on law and order and the Ten Commandments.

The different attitudes of conservatives and progressives are most apparent in the culture wars that rage about us – in the schools, in the justice system, in the arts. 

These are areas where it appears that the twain will never meet.      

One thought on “Faith vs Reason

  1. Well said. Long ago a Christian was willing to challenge my thinking (with love!) and my life turned to the Way. Can’t wait to hug him when we meet again Up There. And we SHALL be all together because we chose God and He wins!

    I always think of what John Clayton, former atheist (or maybe it was Ken Ham, of the Ark Encounter) said, “If there is a conflict between science and the Bible, it is either bad science or bad theology!”


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