Faith vs Reason

Faith vs reason  is the third major area of disagreement between progressives and conservatives.  This is a generalization, of course, but progressives usually have a negative view of organized religion and are especially hostile towards Christian conservatives.  They are offended by the Bible’s stultifying pronouncements on such subjects as sexual morality and family relationships.  They […]

Cinematic Impressions

It is interesting to consider the impact of American cinema on our culture – indeed on the world’s culture.  At times, when reading a British novel or watching a British film, I’m surprised to see allusions to certain Hollywood film stars or movies.  The influence of our cinema is undeniable. Many young people in other […]

Five Simple Truths

  The following are five simple truths.  Please reflect on them. Neither you nor I are perfect. We descend from imperfect people. Those who preceded us operated under a different set of rules and ideas concerning religion, racial relationships, social classes, and sex. We can honor a historical personage for his or her contributions to […]

E Pluribus Unum

 In an earlier post entitled “The Master Race” I described how Adolph Hitler’s insane racial theories led to the death of millions of people, with the European Jews suffering most severely from this madness.  I also posited the thought that the truth is exactly opposite from what Hitler believed.  True racial superiority is not to […]

Race and Racism in America

What is the truth about race and racism in America? It is a difficult subject, and an honest, in-depth discussion of the issue is usually avoided.  Former Attorney General Eric Holder accused us of being a “nation of cowards” for our avoidance of a frank discussion of race in America. Perhaps he was right. Each […]