Family Tree

At our family reunion in July this year we distributed a two-page display covering the first two generations of our family.  For the benefit of those who could not come to Junaluska, I am attaching a copy of that handout. 

As introduction, let me explain that our family is a mingling of four different families – the Fields, the Jordans, the Rives, and the Poindexters.  Robert Saunders Jordan# married Sarah Poindexter in 1902, and they had three children, Clement, Robert Jr., and Sallie.  Sarah died in 1926.  Branch Tucker Fields married Annie Belle Rives in 1913, and there were four children, Branch*, Florence, Roberta, and Harold.  Branch Fields died in 1924.  Robert Saunders Jordan, widower, married Annie Belle Rives Fields, widow, in 1928, and they had one child, Edwin (Sandy).

#Although baptized as Robert Saunders Jordan, Robert Sr. always signed his name as Saunders Robert Jordan.

*Because of his father’s early death, Branch never used the suffix Jr.

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