Family Tree

At our family reunion in July this year we distributed a two-page display covering the first two generations of our family.  For the benefit of those who could not come to Junaluska, I am attaching a copy of that handout.  As introduction, let me explain that our family is a mingling of four different families […]

DNA and the Jordan Family

This post contains a more detailed explanation of some of the facts contained in my post on “The Jordan Family.” The material set apart below was extracted from a paper prepared by my son Stuart Jordan.  He plans to include it in a soon to be published update of his history of the Jordan family […]

The Jordan Name

Despite the recent hubbub about politics, the most frequently visited post on the blog is the one entitled “Jordan Family Roots.”  I must have a lot of cousins out there. The surname Jordan is not uncommon, and the fact you and I may have the same last name is not a strong indication we […]

DNA Testing

For many years the members of my Jordan family believed that they were descendants of the Samuel Jordan who sailed in 1609  from Plymouth, England on the ship Sea Venture, shipwrecked off Bermuda, and continued on to Jamestown in 1610.  This was the story as it appeared in a History of Halifax County Virginia by […]