The Truth be Damned 2

The Rittenhouse affair exposed the deep divide that threatens to tear our nation apart.  Leftist activists ignored plain evidence in this case and described Rittenhouse as a murderous vigilante.  Many of them obviously wished to hang him from the first available tree.  To those on the right, Rittenhouse was a hero for attempting to defend his community against a destructive mob, but their defense of the young man was primarily instinctive and emotional rather than fact driven.  It was only with the trial that the facts came out.

The trial was a revelation, and I believed it proved Rittenhouse innocent of the charges against him.  But many left-wingers still refuse to accept the fact that Rittenhouse was justified to exercise his right of self-defense.    

It is a sad day in America when people in high places rush to judgement without knowing what happened.  The news channels were filled with lies, but the real facts could have been discovered by any reporter taking the trouble to look for them.  

And now that the truth is out, many people refuse to acknowledge it.  In their view, “The truth be damned! Our nation is split down the middle.

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