Hillary is Right

 I do not often say this, but Hillary Clinton is right.  In a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” the former Secretary of State voiced her opinion that Donald Trump supporters feared “civil rights and human rights, the cultural changes.”

Clinton said, “I do think that we are facing a crisis of democracy, a crisis of legitimacy, a crisis that really goes to the heart of what the future of our country and many others around the world will be. So I spend my time trying to figure out what we can do about it. I am not ever going to give up because there’s just too much at stake. . . People truly want to turn the clock back.  They believe that the progress we have made on all kinds of civil rights and human rights, the cultural changes that have taken place, are so deeply threatening that they want to stage a coup. . . .(T)hat’s truly behind what is behind Trump and his enablers and those who invaded and attacked our Capitol.”

Hillary is absolutely correct!  As I have written before, we are engaged in cultural warfare for the soul of America. On one side stand Clinton and her fellow progressives.  They tend to reject the old Judeo-Christian ethic to which most of our society once subscribed.  They favor globalism over nationalism and promote a progressive, open, liberating approach to social relationships.  On the other side of this conflict are the traditionalists, those God-fearing citizens who defend established Christian concepts about patriotism, family, social mores and sexual identity.  These people are not racists!  Indeed, they support the Chistian belief in justice and fairness for all men; but they resist efforts by leftist extremists to destroy the very pillars of our civilization.  Whatever his motives (and I hope they were sincere), Trump allied himself with the traditionalists.  

I too stand with the traditionalists.  Hillary and her leftist friends’ definition of progress, especially when applied to cultural changes, frightens me.

Yes. I believe that Hillary put her finger on one of the defining issues of our times. 

2 thoughts on “Hillary is Right

  1. Our nation was founded to have a representative form of government. The common man is to vote for the person they believe will effectively represent them.

    The Clintons career goals were never to represent the people but to RULE. Too many people still want a king.


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