Police Lieutenant William Kelly, a nineteen-year veteran of the Norfolk Police Department, read of the Rittenhouse affair and was convinced of the young man’s innocence.  He made an anonymous $25 donation to the Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund.

Unfortunately for Kelly, the funding site suffered a data breach and his donation was no longer anonymous.   Lieutenant Kelly was then fired.

Kelly had included a note with his donation saying “You’ve done nothing wrong. Every rank and file police officer supports you.”  When Kelly was exposed and fired, the Norfolk city manager called the note egregious, but most people would consider the statement inoffensive.  Are not all of us entitled to an opinion as to someone’s guilt or innocence?  And it was an opinion that had been expressed privately without specific reference to the Norfolk police.

I consider the firing to be a travesty.  Kelly has filed a grievance with the city to get his job back.  In the name of all that is right, I pray that he prevails.    

One thought on “Travesty

  1. We MUST pay attention to the behavior of those we elect. Do they attempt to perform as a RULER? Or, do they REPRESENT us.

    It is difficult. We can be tolerant of a ruler who pleases us and thereby ignore the inexorable and insidious changes in the nature of our government that result from allowing others to be excluded as free citizens. Stay conscious of WE the People and not merely ME the person.

    This country was founded for the common man — not for Lords, Dukes, Barons, Marquis or any elitist over-class. Beware the elected (or appointed) who hold out their hand with gifts so that you may bow and kiss ‘the hand that feeds you’. History has repeatedly taught that lesson. Enough!


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