As I review the media’s coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse affair, I am astounded by the volume of lies and misinformation propagated by many news channels.

Among their other erroneous statements and insinuations, I found the following:

  • They made to appear that Kyle Rittenhouse nefariously crossed state borders and entered the town of Kenosha with evil intent.  In truth, Kyle lived only a few miles from Kenosha and went there often.  His father lived in Kenosha.  While in Kenosha and before being assaulted, it seems that Kyle rendered first aid to at least one individual and helped remove graffiti, certainly non-nefarious activities.
  • The weapon carried by Kyle was described as a military assault rifle that it was illegal for him to possess.  In fact, it was perfectly legal for Kyle to carry the long-barreled, openly visible rifle when he entered riot-torn Kenosha, and he insisted that he carried it solely for self-defense.
  • When the legality of Kyle’s gun was established, many reporters seemed shocked and horrified that a 17 year old could legally acquire a rifle. In 1941, when I was 11, my father gave me a rifle and taught me to handle it.  At the age of 16,  I was on my high school ROTC rifle team and qualified as an expert marksman. These urban reporters have no understanding of life in rural America.
  • Certain news people placed great emphasis on the fact that the two men killed by Rittenhouse were not armed, but photographic evidence and witness testimony certainly proved that these men were threatening Kyle’s life.  He was trying to get away, and they were the pursuers.  He had every right to defend himself by whatever means available to him.

The case is now in the hands of the jury, and who knows how it might be resolved.

There was a time in America when young Rittenhouse would have been celebrated as a hero. After all, he was attempting to defend a community against a raging, senseless mob. Today, those who approve his conduct remain largely silent for fear of retribution..

I only wish we could rely on our reporters and commentators for honest news.

2 thoughts on “Lies

  1. Fortunately, the jurors were a lot smarter and more honest than the reporters and the prosecutors! Go look up the names of the three men that Kyle shot and then look up their histories! All of them had lengthy criminal records and all three are long time political protesters. Two of them came from Texas for the protest, the third Gaige lived in Wisconsin but much further from Kenosha than Kyle. Their names are posted here:

    Did you see the pictures of that assistant DA (the prosecutor), waving the AR-15 around and pointing it directly at the jurors and and WITH his finger on the trigger? And he never checked to be sure that it was unloaded!


  2. He IS a hero. And, I’m confidant, he will be proclaimed as such for years to come.

    As James Flemming said, “Can we at least agree Kyle had more right to be there than the looters and arsonists?”

    In time of such violence by the insane
    “Issue” motivated crowd as we’ve all seen televised, I want Kyle, Proud Boys, or a Bikers Club in my front yard; Men who would repel the raging beserkers.

    The leftists can call them ‘vigilantes’ and ‘insurrectionists’. I call them my countrymen and because of such men I may get to keep our home intact. Many have served and steadfastly hold to this day to their oath. Young and old, still they serve.

    P.S. Your post left out that Kyle was a “white supremacist” for shooting those black men. Oh, wait. They were white. Nevermind.


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