School Daze

First, let me say that there are many wonderful teachers in public schools.  They deserve our respect and encouragement. I also believe that there are those who wish to take over our schools and indoctrinate our children in their gender-free, anti-Christian world view.  Unfortunately, they receive support from academia, the liberal media, and certain elements within our state and Federal governments.  In some areas of our country these radical leftists have been stunningly successful, and they are advancing their aggressive agenda wherever they sense an opening.  I have become convinced that the only sure way for traditionalists to win this battle is to abandon the public-school model supported by educators since the early days of the Republic and go to an all-voucher system.

It would take several years to make a transition.  Many well-run schools would survive much they are, supported by loyal voucher holders.  At the same time, small private schools would proliferate, some of them specializing in areas such as classical education, math and science, vocational training, etc.  Many of them would be church affiliated, but free-thinking progressives could also establish schools. Certain basic standards would need be met by all, and home schooling would remain an option. The best schools would doubtless attract the greatest number of students, and there would be a healthy influx of teaching talent.

I believe that a transition to an essentially laissez-faire, competitive education model would mean a tremendous improvement in our schools followed by an outburst of creative achievements by the beneficiaries of such a system. Certainly, most people would agree that our present system, though enormously costly, is not working well.  And I do not trust government control of our schools.  Ideological radicals tend to push themselves into the educational bureaucracy and thereby exercise influence far beyond their true numbers.  We do not wish our children’s minds to become prey to every fad and ism. We must give parents and children the best possible educational choices.

A State School in Nazi Germany

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