Trump, the Gunslinger

I recently wrote that Trump is a polarizing figure.  His enemies hate him with a passion, and if he were to become President again the nation would remain split down the middle.  I stated my preference for someone like Marco Rubio or Ben Carson, men who might be capable of uniting the country.

The more I think about it, the more I tend to believe I may be wrong.  The Democrat Party has gone off the edge, and I consider many of their leaders to be terribly deluded individuals who are leading our nation straight to destruction.  Our situation is becoming increasingly desperate, and a reasonable man (a gentleman) might not be capable of dealing with the threat.

That is the reason some of my friends prefer Trump.  He is a no-holds-bared fighter. These friends are akin to those settlers in an old western town who were willing to hire a gunslinger to deal with the desperados terrorizing the territory.

Perhaps they are right. 

2 thoughts on “Trump, the Gunslinger

  1. I’m in Florida and I used to be a supporter of Rubio, But not any more considering how he is forcing the state to reopen for tourism at the expense of the health of the citizens of Florida and is forbidding the cities, countries, schools and businesses from requiring masks or vaccines. I will flatly say here and now that I will NEVER vote for Rubio in any capacity whatsoever above dog catcher!

    I like Ben Carson but I just don’t see him being forceful enough to hold any high level office that would require Political wrangling.

    I would love to see Lt Col Allan West run for President! He’s intelligent, BLACK, Conservative and an unapologetic American! The Democrats would s*** themselves! He would DESTROY Biden, Pelousi or any of the other democrats, in a one on one debate!


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