Trump, the Gunslinger

I recently wrote that Trump is a polarizing figure.  His enemies hate him with a passion, and if he were to become President again the nation would remain split down the middle.  I stated my preference for someone like Marco Rubio or Ben Carson, men who might be capable of uniting the country.

The more I think about it, the more I tend to believe I may be wrong.  The Democrat Party has gone off the edge, and I consider many of their leaders to be terribly deluded individuals who are leading our nation straight to destruction.  Our situation is becoming increasingly desperate, and a reasonable man (a gentleman) might not be capable of dealing with the threat.

That is the reason some of my friends prefer Trump.  He is a no-holds-bared fighter. These friends are akin to those settlers in an old western town who were willing to hire a gunslinger to deal with the desperados terrorizing the territory.

Perhaps they are right. 

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