After leaving Heidelberg, we continued our slow trip up the Rhine. Our next stop was at the beautiful city of Strasbourg, France.  Strasbourg is in the former Alsace Province, an area now known as the Grand Est region of eastern France.  Alsace became part of France under Louis XIV in the 17th century.  Germany took possession of the province in 1871, but it was returned to France after World War I.  The population is mixed French–German, but the culture and language is primarily French.


Strasbourg is a cultural and political center and serves as the seat of the European Parliament.  It is also an important river port, sitting at the confluence of the Rhine and Ill rivers.  It stands on the site of a Roman encampment that existed there as early as 12 AD.

Strasbourg Cathedral

The Strasbourg Cathedral is an imposing edifice.  It was constructed over the years 1215 to 1439, and is the tallest  church structure built entirely during the Middle Ages.  Though not so massive as the Cologne Cathedral, I thought the Strasbourg Cathedral more beautiful because of the reddish brown sandstone that gives it a distinctive color.

We riverboat passengers thoroughly enjoyed a tour of the city and some of the surrounding countryside.

Yours Truly and Jeannine

Touring Strasbourg

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