Sad and Perilous Times

It seems that each new day President Biden exhibits further signs of incompetency.  I had warned of this before the election, but I take no pleasure in being proved right.  Instead, I am very sad for him – but most of all I grieve for our country.  We are living in perilous times with no leader at the helm.  God help us!

As I reflect on the situation, one memory really angers me.  I worked for the Intelligence Community for almost 40 years, and I had a great deal of respect for many of its leaders.  I believed them to be intelligent patriots.  Some months before the 2020 Presidential election, a large number of these respected leaders signed a letter attacking President Trump and extolling the virtues of Joseph Biden.

I could understand their dislike of Trump.  He can be an abrasive and nasty individual, and he was divisive. However, Trump was a leader and capable of getting things done. These men had been around the citadels of power long enough to realize that Biden was totally unfit for the job, incapable of leading anything.  Shame on them for their dishonesty!

I fear that our enemies will take advantage of us during this time of weakness.

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