I fear that my posts sometimes reflect a “holier than thou” attitude.  If that is true, I apologize.  I certainly do not feel that way.  I am acutely aware of my own sinful nature, and I do not hold myself up to be better than others.  I was fortunate enough to have been reared in a loving, supportive family, but that did not make me a saint.  On the day of judgement, I will have much to account for.

I reflect most bitterly on those times that I have been cruel and unkind toward a fellow human being. It did not happen frequently, but those occasions I truly regret.  Unfortunately, there is no way to make amends.

More often my sin was one of omission.  Too many times I failed to do the good deed that I should have done.  This was due in part to my own indolence and partly to my reticence and awkwardness in unfamiliar social situations. Some of it was pure self-centeredness and selfishness. I failed to push myself to do more.

Lord, help me to be a better servant.

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