Unite or Die

A Revolutionary War Banner circa 1776

Several decades ago the label WASP was in vogue, often used in a pejorative way.

I am a WASP – a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.  My father and mother were WASPs, and their fathers and mothers before them. And what does the label anglo-saxon mean?  In general American usage, it refers to an English speaking person who descends from settlers who arrived in America from Great Britain, northern Ireland or other parts of Western Europe prior to the 20th century.

I do not take any particular pride in being a WASP.  A WASP can be as mean and stupid as anyone else.  At the same time, I’m not ashamed of my ethnic and religious heritage, and I am very pleased to be a member of my particular family. We have our faults, and none of my immediate family or known forebearers has achieved the very heights of distinction, either good or bad; but I believe that we are generally a respectable people who love God and our neighbors and are a credit to our communities.

I saying this, I do not think myself or my family superior to other persons or families with different ethnic or religious heritages.  I admire anyone, whatever their race or religion, who honors God and treats his or her neighbors fairly and considerately.

Our nation is an amalgamation of peoples of every tribe and belief.  We have our English, our Scots, our Irish Catholics, our Ulstermen, our African Americans, 0ur Latinos, our Germans, our Scandinavians, our Jews, our Koreans, our Vietnamese, our Lebanese, our Chinese, our Indians, our Japanese, our Pakistanis, our Lebanese, our native Americans.  The list goes on and on.  And the mixing continues.  As time goes by, fewer and fewer Americans can claim ethnic purity.  But who wants to? 

America is unique. The allegiance of our people is to the concept of freedom and brotherhood.  Of course, there have been injustices.  We are an imperfect people.  But there has been tremendous progress in the past century, and I believe we can continue on the high road.  But if this is to happen, we must learn to love and respect each other.  Whatever our background, white, black, brown, Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, we are all Americans.

Stop divisive rhetoric.   Speak words of reconciliation.  Reach out to your neighbors in friendship.

Unite or die!

And may God bless our beloved country!

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