Head in the Sand

Before the Presidential election I was a confirmed news junkie, absorbing as much information I could from all available sources.  I spent more than three hours a day in that pursuit.

Over the past several months I have become more and more a news recluse.  I drop in on a television news station from time to time (no more than once a day) only to be certain that there is no sign of terror in the newscaster’s eyes or the background noise of approaching hoofbeats.

Once reassured, I put my head back in the sand.

I turn 92 in a few months.  I’m too old for the sort of nonsense going on in our nation’s capital.    

2 thoughts on “Head in the Sand

  1. I’m only 67 and I’m already too old to buy the crap that TV is trying to sell regarding Washington, DC. Like you I RARELY watch the news any more. I watch the local news and the coverage of the Covid virus but I immediately turn it off or change the channel when they start talking anything regarding politics (that includes the talk of the “insurrection” in Washington!)

    Anymore, I’m just not buying what the TV spin doctors are trying to sell us!


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