Watch That Ice!

This morning I looked out my back window and saw a number of birds around my feeders scrambling for the last few seeds.  The back yard is a veritable sheet of ice, so there was no way I would be able to replenish the feeders.  Instead, I decided to try another approach.

I filled a large glass container with birdseed, opened my sliding door, and stepped carefully onto the back deck.  It was covered with about 4 inches of snow and glazed over with a thick crust of ice.  The ice seemed as hard as a rock and did not give under my feet.  I slowly and cautiously moved across the deck until I reached the side rail and then took one step down the ramp.  Holding the rail, I then heaved the birdseed as far as I could into the yard.  Unfortunately, the force of the throw caused my left foot to slip, and I hit the ice hard.  I was on my back, and my left leg was jammed through the porch rail.  The fall’s impact was mostly absorbed by my keister, and though I was somewhat dazed, I did not believe anything was broken.

The most difficult task was extricating my left leg and foot from the rail.  That took several long minutes. Even when that was done, I could not get back up on my feet on that ice, so I crawled and slid on my stomach across the ice and through the back door.  Once in the house, I pulled myself up by grabbing onto a chair.  What a relief!

All’s well that ends well, they say.  I thank the Lord that I was not seriously hurt – only a sore knee.

Falls are extremely hazardous to older people.  Be very careful, and watch that ice!

My birds will need to wait a while for more seed.

One thought on “Watch That Ice!

  1. That fall could have been devastating. You were very LUCKY not to have ben stuck on patio. NO MORE bird feeding on ICE!! Looking forward to SPRING!! Due to get second sot this Friday. Have you had yours? Have a good day.. Betty Feb., 24, 2021

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