Only a Carpenter?

Consider these facts for a moment.

A Child was born to a poor family living in a small village in a remote province of the great Roman Empire,  At the time of His birth, the Roman Empire included all of western Europe, the Balkans, North Africa, and the Middle East.

He was trained as a carpenter, but for a brief span of three years He became an itinerant preacher, travelling from town to town in Palestine spreading the good news of God’s love for mankind and His commandment that they love God and one another.  A small band of followers, mostly humble, uneducated men, accompanied Him.

His teaching was a problem for the traditional religious establishment since he challenged their rigorous and sometimes loveless interpretation of God’s  law. The religious leaders falsely accused Him of being a threat to the Roman authority, put Him through a mock trial, and had Him crucified.

Almost immediately, news spread that He had risen from the dead.* More than a month later, His followers announced that He had ascended to heaven but would return in glory to establish God’s kingdom on earth.

His apostles spread the good news about the Messiah and His message throughout the Roman world. All but one of these apostles died a martyr’s death.

Within a few decades His followers numbered in the thousands and spread through every Roman province. Despite intense persecution, followers of Christ continued to increase in number, and approximately 300 years after His crucifixion and resurrection the Roman emperor proclaimed himself a believer. Christianity became the predominant religion throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Near East.

How could this happen?  The message of Jesus Christ was a message of love and hope, not power and conquest.

The reason? 

He lives! And His message will live on in the hearts and minds of men forever.

Surely, He is the Son of God.

*For what I believe to be convincing evidence of the Resurrection, proof of the divinity of Jesus, please read my post entitled “The Shroud of Turin”,, June 28, 2019.  

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