True or False – The Election Was Rigged?

There is fraud in every election.  The only question is the matter of degree and the extent to which it affected the final outcome in the recent Presidential contest.

There were allegations of serious voter fraud in Georgia and Pennsylvania, somewhat less serious charges in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona.  If it happened as many have alleged, these voting irregularities would have flipped the Presidential election outcome.

Even though there appears to be considerable evidence to back these allegations of fraud, they were not sustained in court; and many reputable citizens, including FBI Director Wray and former Attorney General Barr, apparently doubted their validity —  or at least doubted there was sufficient evidence of fraudulent activity to an extent that would have overturned the election.  It seems that the Justice Department mounted no serious investigation. In effect, massive fraud remains largely unproven.

Two other factors were perhaps even more important in determining the election’s outcome.  One was the unprecedented use of mail-in ballots in several key states.  Trump had warned of the danger, and he was correct.  Many states were simply not geared to handle the volume of mail-in voting.  The voter rolls were corrupted, voter identifications were not validated, votes were counted far beyond the usual deadlines, and there was evidence of more chicanery. Perhaps the greatest indication of fraud lay in the voting anomalies.  Some results appeared to defy any rational explanation other than skulduggery. Unfortunately, anomalies carry little or no weight in a court of law.

Finally, there is no doubt that the mainstream media’s animosity toward the President caused it to suppress very damaging information about the Biden family.  At the same time, the vitriol directed toward the President was unmatched in recent American history. The biased news coverage was a terrible disservice to the nation and contributed much to the final outcome.

Good people line up on either side as to which candidate should have been declared victor on November 3.  I have a firm belief that Trump was the rightful winner, but I honestly admit that I am not certain of that fact beyond any reasonable doubt.

I respect those with whom I disagree, and I urge the political opposition to recognize that respect is a two-way street.

P.S. The sad truth is that many of our citizens only watch and listen to mainline news sources, and they usually suppress that sort of news. These people will never learn of the mounting evidence of election fraud.   

2 thoughts on “True or False – The Election Was Rigged?

  1. I belive President Trump was our winner, but with determination of other party to have Biden win , no stone was left unturned to defeat him. President Trump will continue to work to Make America Better! In just a few short days so many positive initiatives will be destroyed. . Just take a look a t the numbers on the way to tear down the wall . So many issues that will destroy the economy, and in moves Socialism.. Let me know your thoughts.. Betty Jan., 16, 2021

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  2. Sandy,

    You want to talk about voter fraud? I live less than 2 miles from the University of Central Florida, arguably the largest university in the US with over 64,000 students. UCF is it’s own voting district due to the number of students living on campus and in the surrounding student ghettos. This election, even though the university was closed due to covid 19 and most of the students have gone home, UCF’s voter turn out was 117% of their total voter registration! And of course, the reported results were overwhelmingly anti-Trump. it’s been reported in the local news here time and time again but never mentioned in the national news and there’s been no mention of any kind of investigation. The same kind of voter hanky panky seems to have gone on all over the country and on a MASSIVE scale!


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