True or False Redux

I cannot rely on the accuracy of my news sources, regardless of whether it is mainstream news or something being reported on a conservative blog.  I have seen many instances where information is being suppressed or facts terribly distorted.  I believe reliable information is vital to our nation’s political health.  Lies are tearing our country apart.

Over the next few months I will intersperse a series of “True or False” articles in this blog wherein I will try to present a balanced examination of some controversial subject that has been much in the news, either currently or in the not too distant past.

Suggestions, anyone?   

3 thoughts on “True or False Redux

  1. I applaud your upcoming effort. However, I assume you will still be relying on sources at least one step removed from the original event. Perhaps I have mentioned this before; but every time I have had direct knowledge about a story in the newspaper there has been in that supposedly factual reporting a material error in the article. It makes me question all purported news stories from any and all sources.

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  2. I share your frustration. I feel like Diogenes seeking an honest man. I have found the Epoch Times to be a “reasonable” new source with a wide variety of news and information. They also sponsor an interesting YouTube series called “American Thought Leaders” in which they interview a wide variety of individuals on current topics of interest. Judge for yourself if this can be viewed as a reliable source of news and information.


    1. Thanks, Norm. I recently subscribed to Epoch Times, and I look forward to their articles.

      I will light my lantern and join you and Diogenes in the search for truth.


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