Many visitors to my web site are looking for family information and possible connections.  To help you in your search, I decided to list the names of those families to whom I am related back for five generations.  I have listed only the first named individual in each family. 

Related to the Jordans:  Richard Church (b. circa 1728), Elizabeth Elam (b. circa 1730), Benjamin Faulkner (b. 1714), Isaac Oakes (b. circa 1740), Susannah Mason (b. circa 1760), Samuel Slate (b. circa 1735), Thomas Gaines (b, circa 1725), Dorothy Broaddus (b. circa 1733), Michael Fackler (b. 1740), Helena Shryock (b 1743), Jeremiah White (b. circa 1767), Letitia Shelton (b. circa 1769).

Related to the Rives: Mary Edwards (b. unk.), William Alston (b. 1748), Anne Yeargan (b. aft. 1753), Andrew Brown (b. circa 1764), Mary McLaughlin (b. 1767), William Hinton (b. aft. 1785), Temperance Williams (b. 1785), William Goldston (b. bef. 1753), Sarah Rosser (b. bef. 1775), William Guthrie (b 1775), Ruth Peoples (b. circa 1774), West Harris (b. circa 1771), Elizabeth Brooks (b. circa 1780).

2 thoughts on “Ancestors

  1. Are your Whites and/or Churches related to the ones that came on the ‘Mayflower’? Richard Church b:1608 and Peregrine White b: 1620 in Massachusetts Bay are both 10th GGFs of my wife.

    Who is your Jordan immigrant ancestor?


    1. Joe, Don’t know of any Mayflower connection, though it is possible. Haven’t attempted to trace related families back that far.

      Can only trace our immediate Jordan family back to William Jordan, residing in King & Queen County, Virginia, in mid-18th Century.



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