Sixty-nine years ago, on December 16, 1951, my wife Ann and I exchanged our wedding vows,  Except for my two-year stint in the U,S. Army, we were together for the next sixty-three years.

I believe that we were truly blessed to love and be loved.  We were always assured of each other’s faithfulness and commitment, and we learned to work together as we built a home and family.  It was a wonderful marriage.  Nevertheless, it was not always easy.  Difficulties beset every relationship and every family, and ours was no exception.  Toward the end illness reared its ugly head, and we had to struggle through some trying moments. But one thing we always knew.  I loved Ann and she loved me, and our love would endure through good times and bad times, during rich times and poor times,  in sickness and in health, until death did us part.

And in my spirit I love her still.

Thank you, Lord.

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