A Voice of Reason

We traditionalists have been terrified about the possibility of the Democrat Party controlling the Presidency, the Senate, and the House.  We visualize radicals running roughshod over all of us in an attempt to change the very nature of our union. 

Monday evening, November 9,  we heard some comforting words from Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat, West Virginia.    Manchin said that if Democrats are able to win over all  control of the Senate, he will not back his party’s calls to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the filibuster rule nor any other “crazy stuff” they may intend to put forward under a Biden presidency.  As a man from the coal mining area of West Virginia, I am certain he would also have problems with the Green New Deal.

Manchin said that he is a proud Democrat, but he added that it must be understood that not every elected member of the party supports the progressive wing’s policy priorities.

Manchin is an old-style Blue Dog Democrat.  Very few of them are left.  He will be under tremendous pressure to “go with the flow.”   I pray that he has the fortitude to stand fast.

His is a voice of reason in a party that has gone mad.  We applaud him.

Of course, we will feel even more confident if Republicans win the runoffs in Georgia and maintain control of the Senate.

2 thoughts on “A Voice of Reason

  1. As you say, there are very few Blue Dog Democrats left. Too few I’m afraid. I foresee a Progressive Democrat’s dream come true if the Democrats are allowed to STEAL this election. I think that they’re well aware that may be there one and only chance to enforce all of their Socialists agendas and I’m sure that they’re going to take full advantage of this opportunity.


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