Beyond the Clouds

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I am very distressed by the apparent election of Joseph Biden as President of the United States.  I understand that the election is still being contested, but I believe the chances of reversal are slim.

I  can appreciate why so many people voted against Trump.   He sometimes displayed a petty and vindictive spirit that damned him in the eyes of many good citizens.  Also, he was constantly and often falsely maligned by members of the powerful news media. He labored under great difficulties. Regardless of these facts, I  believe Trump’s actions as chief executive were almost always in the best interests of the people of this nation.  He achieved much.  On the other hand, Biden played the good guy in the campaign, but his well-documented history convinces me that he is an opportunistic political hack of somewhat limited intellect and ability.   Regardless, he will probably soon be my President, and I will pray for him and for a successful administration.

Two things give me hope.   

First, my study of history has shown me that many ordinary men and women rise to the occasion when placed in a position of great responsibility.  Perhaps this will be true of Joseph Biden.  Confronted with the honor and great responsibility of his office, let us hope that our new President will discover hitherto hidden reservoirs of nobility and purpose. 

Second, it seems that Republicans have been successful in holding the Senate.  If so, this will protect us from some of the more radical measures being pushed by the extreme left – the Green New Deal, massive new taxes, etc. etc.  I do not trust a House of Representatives wherein Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and the Squad hold sway.  May the Senate and the Good Lord save us from them.

Beyond the clouds ———

4 thoughts on “Beyond the Clouds

  1. Just remember it depends on the run off between Rep. and Demo. In Georgia as to winner of control in Senate. I fear that could be another loss for Rep. I am still hoping President Trump will find a way to be reelected. Biden and Harris are puppets to radicals . Betty Nov., 9 , 2020 Sent from Mail for Windows 10


    1. The Democrats will need win both Georgia runoffs to control the Senate. Two of my sons plan to travel to Georgia and go door-to-door


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