Bill Maher and Jesus

Bill Maher recently poked satirical jibes against Jesus Christ for His failure to condemn slavery. Jesus was obviously not Woke. Slavery was endemic in the era in which Jesus lived, but I might point out that Jesus also failed to specifically condemn infanticide, pederasty, and wife beating along with a host of other human sins.

Jesus said that the greatest commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor. If you do these things the other good works will follow.

Maher has the reputation of being witty and smart, but I would apply that second appellation to only a small part of his anatomy.

One thought on “Bill Maher and Jesus

  1. Bill Maher is a television CLOWN! Just like most of the so called news broadcasters and “entertainers”. That’s CLOWN as in infantile comedy, worn out gags and sheer stupidity for the sake of entertainment and not for any sense of education. Most of them have no idea of what they’re talking about and can’t even properly pronounce the names of the individuals, cities and nations that they’re talking about yet they have the audacity to mock the President of the United States and to chide us for supporting him. It’s too bad that we can’t vote the talking heads of the TV shows out of office as easily as we voted Hillary Clinton into obscurity!

    The old time news announcers and entertainers like Walter Cronkite and Johnny Carson must be spinning in their graves looking at the new breed of trash talking idiots that the TV networks employ today! I don’t know why CNN and the other entertainment outlets don’t go ahead and hire Bozo, The Clown and Ronald McDonald to do their news shows. At least then we’d get some real entertainment and not the constant brow beatings from the likes of Bill Maher.


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