Guy or Gal?


Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) recently castigated Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, for calling Rachel Levine — the transgender Pennsylvania Secretary of Health — “a guy.” Wolf wrote that “misgendering a transgender person is hate speech and it’s unacceptable.”

Jenna Ellis is a female.  Rachel Levine is a biological male who now considers himself or herself to be a female.

This incident is one more illustration of the growing controversy about how society should deal with transsexuals.  Biological male transgenders have become especially aggressive in asserting their rights, and women’s sporting events have become a special point of conflict as these ex-men sometimes dominate women’s track and field competitions.

No one wishes to punish transsexuals, but neither do most of us wish to twist our society out of shape in order to accommodate those few poor souls who find themselves in the wrong body.


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