Lord, Help Us!

Recently, highly respected General Mattis made some critical remarks about his former boss, President Trump. Unfortunately, Trump could not simply shake these criticisms off. After all, if he gets out of bed he will be criticized. In reply to Mattis, Trump resorted to his usual method of hurling a few mean barbs in the general’s direction. I wish Trump could act more like a grown-up. Unfortunately, pettiness seems to be part of his nature.
Regardless of his warts, and he has many, I’ll take Trump over the opposition. I will never forget how Democrat senators participated in, or remained silent, as vile slanderers attempted to destroy the honorable Brett Kavanaugh. Not one Democrat senator stood up for him. Then I was terrified as the Democrat controlled House of Representatives passed the so-called Equality Act (READ IT!). And as you examine the credentials of Joseph Biden, I urge you to log into YouTube and enter the terms BIDEN DONALDSON LIES.  He has not changed.
May the good Lord protect us.

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