2020 campaign


Two weeks ago Joseph Biden appeared to be a dead man walking.  Suddenly, his political fortunes have experienced a revival.

Most political observers were surprised by Biden’s impressive showing on Super Tuesday, March 3rd.  On that day the former Vice-President won Democratic primaries in ten states.  Bernie Sanders won only four.  Biden was an especially clear-cut winner in the American south, where he received very strong support from black voters.  Sanders won in the west, including the delegate rich state of California.  Michael Bloomberg’s only win came in American Samoa.  Elizabeth Warren lost badly everywhere, including her home state of Massachusetts.  

Either prior to or shortly following Tuesday’s voting, all the Democratic candidates excepting Biden, Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard dropped out.  Gabbard has no realistic chance, so it is now essentially a contest between Biden and Sanders.  

Democratic party leaders appear very fearful that if Sanders heads the Democratic ticket they will lose badly in November; so, despite any concerns that Biden may have lost his mental acuity and could prove to be a weak campaigner, most of them have thrown their support behind Obama’s former running mate.  Much could change between now and the Democratic party convention, but at this moment it appears likely that Biden will be the party’s choice. A Biden-Trump presidential contest should prove very interesting.

I will be a very exciting year for political junkies like me.  


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