Romney’s Conscience

I was surprised that Senator Romney voted Donald Trump guilty of abuse of power, one of the two articles of impeachment brought against the President by the House of Representatives.  Romney was the only Republican senator voting to convict the President on either article.  Otherwise it was strictly a party line vote.

I believe Romney vote to convict was wrong.  First, I do not believe the President’s action was egregious enough to justify removing him from office.  Although Trump sought to get some damning evidence on a political opponent, his actions in pursuing this goal fell well within his scope of authority and I believe were entirely legitimate. Second, the President was elected by the American people, and another Presidential election is scheduled in nine months. Let the American electorate determine Trump’s fitness for office.  If the President had been removed from office based on such picayune grounds there would have been severe political chaos – perhaps even rioting in the streets.

Yes, I think Romney was wrong, but I believe his was a vote of conscience; and I respect him for it. I’m certain he did not cast this vote to win praise from his fellow Republicans.  Now he fears retribution.  I hope that this fear is not justified by events. Romney appears to be a honorable man.  We need more people like him in Washington.    

2 thoughts on “Romney’s Conscience

  1. You certainly give Romney more credit than I do. His vote reeked of pettiness and spite. Romney has been a constant critic of Donald Trump since before the Republican primary election and he has continued to be a severe critic of the President even after the Republican Party and the American people have made it clear that they prefer Trump to Romney.

    News flash for you Romney, you lost the election to Obama and you lost the Primary to Donald Trump. Now sit down, shut up and stop whining and complaining. If you can’t then maybe the voters in Utah should find someone else for your job and you can go back to wrecking companies like Toys R Us for a living.


    1. Joe, I give Romney the benefit of the doubt. I strongly disagree with his decision and consider it stupid at best. However, I take his word that he did it as a matter of conscience. Of course, you may be correct in thinking he did it out of sheer pettiness. Who really knows?


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