Reagan and the Queen



Some people regard Ronald Reagan as one of our great Presidents.  Others are not so keen on him.  Regardless, most agree that he had a winsome personality and a wonderful sense of humor.

James Baker, one-time secretary of state, told the following story about his old boss:

Sometime in the 1980s President Reagan visited Britain.  He was known to be an excellent horseman, and Queen Elizabeth was also known for her skill with horses.  The photographers were given the opportunity for a photo shoot with the President and the Queen on their mounts.  After the photos were taken, the two rode away on their horses, out of the range of photographers and news people.  As the horses mounted a small hill, the Queen’s horse emitted a rather large amount of gas – loudly.  The Queen, obviously flustered, said “I’m so sorry.”  Without cracking a smile, the President quickly responded, “That’s all right, your Majesty.  Actually, I thought it was your horse.”




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