Throw Up Your Hands

On the day after Christmas I gathered with about twenty other senior citizens for our weekly forum. It is an eclectic group of men ranging in age from 55 to 90-plus. Subjects for discussion are wide ranging, and occasionally we venture into the hot topic of current politics. Both liberal and conservative viewpoints are represented, and opinions are respectfully stated, but sometime there is true eloquence in making a point. On that day, December 26, a respected educator and member of our forum voiced a passionate criticism of President Trump for his pernicious and intemperate attacks against anyone who opposes him. He particularly called to our attention to Trump’s vicious assaults on one of our nation’s heroes, the late Senator John McCain, and his disparaging remarks about John Dingell, a more recently deceased congressman from Michigan. During his Battle Creek rally last week, Trump suggested that Dingell might be watching the current political scene from hell. Trump seems to take particular delight in behaving obnoxiously toward the families of deceased political opponents. And these are not isolated events. Trump has a history of petty and vicious assaults against anyone who happens to criticize him or otherwise arouse his ire.

How can one defend Trump’s conduct? The truth is, there is no defense. In many instances his conduct has been despicable and indefensible.

Trump has some terrible character flaws, but somehow he has managed to be an effective President. He has had many positive accomplishments in his three years in office, and I do not believe that his opponents can honestly deny the truth of that assertion. Trump had his successes despite the hyperbolic and often untruthful tirade against him by the mainstream media and members of the so-called establishment, plus some efforts at sabotage from deep-dwelling denizens of the bureaucracy. Much of the criticism directed against the President is deserved, but some of it appears to be nothing more than an acute manifestation of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, a malady that is frequently inflamed by Trump’s aberrant behavior.

On the other side, what do we see? Borrowing from Hillary Clinton’s imagery, the opposition appears to nothing but a basket of mediocrity. These Democratic candidates for the Presidency are not only mediocre, I consider some of them to be a real threat to the country. Who wants to tread the path toward socialism under Saunders or Warren? Who favors the LGBT activists over supporters of traditional Judeo-Christian values, as do all these Democratic candidates? Trump’s viciousness is despicable, but in my view these Democrats, all of whom were willing to destroy an honorable man, Brett Kavanaugh, on the basis of an extremely flimsy and unprovable accusation, are ever worse.

I throw up my hands over the choice, but as things now stand President Trump will have my vote in 2020.

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