My Diverse Family

As I posted my entry titled “An American”, I reflected on how my own family has changed in recent years.  As far as I can discover, all of my paternal and maternal ancestors emigrated to America from Britain or western Europe before the American Revolution.  In many ways we were a very insular people.  This was fairly typical of the old American South.  The waves of immigrants arriving in America in the late 19th and earl 20th centuries usually went to other parts of the country.

Now, in 2019, I look around with some amazement.  One of my sons married a French-Canadian, another a Vietnamese refugee.  A grandson married a young lady from Sri Lanka, and a granddaughter married a young man from Nicaragua. Two of my nephews are married to lovely Filipino ladies.  My extended family now includes persons with ancestors from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Africa.   American Indian ancestors are also in the mix.  This does not disturb me in the slightest degree.  I love them all, and I am very proud of my family.  We are richer as a nation as these wonderful, diverse people come to our beloved country and choose to call themselves Americans.



Grandson Scott, his wife Chiasha

and Great-Grandson Stirling

3 thoughts on “My Diverse Family

  1. Enjoyed reading this blog, you are a wonderful person, family man and friend. America would be less decided and more productive (inclusive) if more white American shared views and way of life.


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