On March 7 I posted a story about my 1995 healing from a mysterious neurological disorder. At the time, my family and I considered it a miracle, a gift from God. I still think of that way, and I give Him the glory.  Of course, I also give credit and thanks to the medical profession.  God works through physicians, and perhaps it was that massive dosage of prednisone that cured me.

I often think of apparently miraculous healings, and I have known of a few that seem to defy any logical explanation.  The Bible instructs us to pray for the sick, but I am aware of those situations where persons of faith were literally bathed in prayer and did not experience any improvement in their medical condition. The how and whys of these things remain a mystery to me.

I consider myself to be a rational, matter of fact person.  I accept the fact that the earth is a spheroid and revolves around the sun.  I am not subject to wild flights of fancy, and I approach any claim of a miraculous occurrence with a degree of skepticism.  Yet, I believe in miracles, and over the course of my many years on this planet I have seen or encountered a few things beyond understanding.  The most fascinating of these is the Shroud of Turin.

In this post I do not intend to describe those features that make the Shroud of Turin unique.  I wrote of it in a prior post entitled “Without Excuse”.  To those of you who are skeptics or atheists, I only ask you to examine the evidence. Go on the web and check out the web site shroud.com.  Buy a book on the shroud. Better yet, go to YouTube and watch some of the in-depth programs on the subject.  If you consider the facts carefully, I believe that you will be convinced as I am that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of the historic Jesus, and on that cloth are recorded the details of his crucifixion and resurrection.  Many competent scientists have examined the shroud, and no one has been able to explain how the image on the cloth could have been created by natural causes.

Please, consider the evidence.  If you believe me wrong, tell me why you think so.

And, as my wife always said, “Praise the Lord, anyway.”



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