On March 7 I posted a story about my 1995 healing from a mysterious neurological disorder. At the time, my family and I considered it a miracle, a gift from God. I still think of that way, and I give Him the glory.  Of course, I also give credit and thanks to the medical profession.  […]

Prayer for Healing

  In a preceding post I related the story about my experience with a severe neurological disease and my eventual recovery.  Unfortunately, not everyone is so fortunate.  Some people are healed, others are not.  The prayers of the faithful are always a great comfort to those who suffer, but prayers do not always result in […]


All of us have our medical stories.  Some of you suffer from severe physical ailments.  Others are more fortunate.  But even in the worst of times, when the outlook is darkest, there is always hope for a miracle recovery of some sort. A little more than twenty years ago I had that sort of experience. […]