Some Democrats and their allies in mainstream media have resorted to portraying Republicans as racists.  Furthermore, no matter one’s race or political affiliation, leftists often label anyone who has the temerity to support Trump as either a racist, an ignorant hick, or an Uncle Tom.  They continue this assault despite lacking any real evidence that […]

Do You Know Joe?

On numerous occasions I have criticized President Donald Trump.  He has many personal faults and sometimes does things that deeply disturb me.  He is also a terrible communicator. However, as I have also pointed out, I generally approve his agenda, and I am somewhat amazed by his energy and accomplishments in the face of unrelenting […]

Donkeys and Elephants

What is the real difference between Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives. Republicans tend to believe that government is best that governs least, and they favor a free-market system in which the government’s functions and powers are strictly limited.  Most of them are convinced that the free-market system produces the greatest good for the greatest […]