You Can’t Go Home Again

Last year, accompanied by my sons Eric and Stuart, I visited my boyhood home in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina, a small village to the south of Greensboro.  My family moved from that place in 1938, and I had never been back.  As we stopped on the street across from my old family home we engaged […]

Birthday Reflections

Today is my 90th birthday.  I’m a bit surprised to still be walking and talking.  No one else in my immediate family lived so long. I was born during the first year of Herbert Hoover’s term as President and less than two months before the stock market crash that began the great depression.  Of course, […]

A Growing Family

I returned home from Korea in September 1954, and Ann and I began building a home and growing a family.  And the family did grow.  Our son Sandy Jr. was born in November 1953 while I was overseas.  Stuart came along in 1956, Harold in 1959, Robert in 1960, and Eric in 1964.  All the […]

A Very Pleasant Place

I remember the depressing words Shakespeare put into Macbeth’s mouth, “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creep through this petty place from day to day, and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death.”  Thank God that I do not feel that way.  My life has been full of wonder and joy, and […]