Prosecuting the Prosecutors

The Durham Report and recent hearings in the House of Representatives reveal serious malfeasance in the upper echelons of the DOJ, the FBI, and CIA. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress seem determined to protect the malefactors, so there is little chance that the House will impeach and the Senate convict those responsible. The DOJ and FBI are unlikely to clean up their own mess since their own leaders are culpable.

President Biden is as guilty as the worst of them, and he will do nothing.

How can we move against them?

The only answer is to elect a reform-minded President in 2024. Until then, the Republicans may exercise some measure of control through the budget, but their majority in the House is so slim that this tactic appears unlikely to succeed unless some honest Democrats can be persuaded to to put country before party and join in that effort..

The DOJ and the FBI are powerful, and their corrupt leaders endanger our nation.

Elect a strong Republican President in 2024.

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