Back Again

As you know, there have been very few new blog entries in the last month. The reason is that I have been curled up in my cage licking my wounds. The results of the recent Congressional election were a terrible disappointment to me. Why couldn’t the electorate see the truth? Encouraged by the outcome, the Biden Administration continues to tear our country apart. As one proof of their corruption, many good and honest citizens are being prosecuted by the DOJ for minor offenses while there are prominent Democrat supporters, apparently guilty of serious crimes, who continue to skate free.

Perhaps the most disappointing result came in the Senate race in Pennsylvania. Oz may have been an imperfect candidate, but how could anyone vote for Fetterman, a deeply flawed person obviously unfit to perform in office? How could any honest Democrat Party leader throw his or her support behind such a man? The thirst for power seemed to override every other consideration.

As I reflect on the electoral outcome, it seems apparent to me that the Roe v Wade decision had a huge impact. The Supreme Court threw the abortion decision back to the states. Except in very few states, the impact on a woman’s ability to access to an abortion clinic was minimal. Nevertheless, Planned Parenthood and its allies in the Democrat Party made it seem like a return to the Middle Ages. Their deception worked, and it affected voting turnout in Pennsylvania, Georgia and other states, thus tipping control of the Senate to the Democrats.

I will continue to post in this blog for another few months, but the pace will slow. After all, over the last four and a half years I have expressed my opinion about a great number of subjects — specially politics. What more can I say?

6 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. Thinking of you and hope this note finds you up about, and busy!! I am looking forward to warm weather and less rainy days. Looking at my yard and its blooming candy tuffs and hellebores with a green cushion of grass makes me realize beautiful days are soon ahead. I find my health is fairly stable and with oxygen concentrator, I have freedom to drive about to appointments and even plan to usher for upcoming opera this week. My daughter Mary has been named to Architecture Review Board and will be traveling from Denver to SC for meeting in April. She and my son, Jamie, plan to be here in Roanoke for my birthday! Jamie closed his Optholomology Clinic and recently journeyed to Australia for a bicycling event. Life is GOOD!! I haven’t been to P. Garden for a couple of years but keep up with Jim and events going on there. I am a big college basketball watcher, so this time of year winning games are up for grabs. Always enjoy your thoughts on a variety of subjects. I don’t believe President Trump will be our nominee although he has a large following. Take care. Fondly, Betty Feb. 18. 2023


  2. Do not be discouraged, dear friend. We have hope in a God who is sovereign over all, and His plans for the world are moving forward. Psalm 2 : Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain… The one in heaven laughs, The Lord scoffs at them. John 16:33 : I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart ! I have overcome the world. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus !


  3. I completely disagree with you about the impact of the recent change in abortion laws. In 12 states abortions are now completely illegal and they are severely restricted in many other states and still more states are looking for ways to either completely ban abortions or to restrict them even further. The government (at any level) restricting an individual’s rights to make their own choice about their personal healthcare or family planning is absolutely, totally, 100% in violation of our Constitutional Rights in this country. But once again, the Republican Party has chosen to shoot itself in the foot, or more likely in both feet, by supporting bans all over the US. The Dem’s timing for once again raising this as a political issue couldn’t have been more perfectly timed! Or was it the Republicans could not have brought up this issue at a worse time?

    Either way, it did cost the Republicans many political offices in the most recent election and will continue to cost them as long as they continue to support abortion restrictions and bans.

    I am a life long Republican but I WILL NOT vote for any Republican candidate that votes to take away my Rights, or the Rights of the women in my family, or women anywhere in the country to make their own choices.


    1. Joe, We disagree on this one. I do not believe that a woman’s right to have an abortion is specified in the Constitution, and that’s what the Supreme Court decided when they reversed Roe v Wade. If the courts had allowed the people to work this out over time (via legislative actions in the various states), there would not be this present furor . Most people seem to agree with me that abortion is a bad choice; but, in the name of good sense and enforceability, there should be no restriction on a woman’s right to make that choice until the moment that the expected child is viable. At that time, the health of the expectant mother should be balanced against the right of an unborn child to live. I haven’t checked state laws on abortion, but I was not aware that that many states absolutely forbid the practice.

      I consider abortion laws to be like murder laws. Unless it occurs in a federal facility, it is a matter for a state to deal with, and these laws differ from state to state. It’s up to the citizens of each state to elect representatives who will write the sort of laws they want.


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