Worship and Joy

Yesterday I had the opportunity to bathe myself in Christian fellowship.  In the morning I attended a beautiful music program at my own church, Bishop Cummins Reformed Episcopal Church in Catonsville, Maryland.  It was a mixture of traditional  Christmas choral music, a magnificent organ and trumpet presentation, and a symphony of carols on handbells.  It was topped off by an incredibly beautiful rendition of The Little Drummer Boy.  The program truly touched my heart.  My sincere thanks go out to our incredibly gifted music director,  Ira Poberezhnaya.

Last evening my son Eric and I attended a special Christmas program at a nearby Seventh Day Adventist church in Ellicott City.  I was very impressed by the number of young people involved in the program and by the mix of ethnicities.  It was a wonderful evening among other Christian believers and a grand illustration of the fact that the Lord Jesus came to save us all.

For me, Christmas would be a very sad and barren season were not Christ at the center of our festivities,


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