Mea Culpa

Mea culpa.  I must admit my guilt in sometimes letting my strong dislike of today’s Democrat Party overcome my objectivity.  The Democrat progressives oppose everything I believe, and they seem bent on destroying the nation I love.

Recently I posted an article entitled “infamy” in which I made claims about possible fraud in Arizona’s recent election.  My son Stuart, who lives in Arizona, informed me that some information that I had taken from a conservative news source was incorrect.  There were no missing 291,930 ballots in Maricopa County.  I should have investigated more thoroughly before writing that article.

Regardless of my error, I still believe that the main thrust of my argument remains valid.  We desperately need election reform.

Until relatively recently, wide-spread voting by mail was essentially restricted to a few western states.  2020 and the COVID epidemic changed all that.   There have been studies, especially those sponsored by left-leaning organizations, suggesting that mail-in voting is a boon to the democratic process and insisting that electoral fraud is very rare.  However, by its very nature, mail in voting is much more susceptible to manipulation than in-person voting, and I believe that fraud is far more common than many would have us believe.

Voting is one of the most important acts of citizenship, and we should take it very seriously.  Surely it is worth the time and effort to cast our ballots in person at one of a number of conveniently situated polling places.  This could be done over a short period (not to exceed a week) preceding and including election day.  Absentee ballots should be limited to those citizens with a legitimate reason, (out of state or  physically handicapped) and those ballots must be received on or before election day.  Hand ballots would be required, and every voter must show a proper ID.  Votes should be tabulated and certified within 48 hours of the poll closing on election day.

These are straightforward measures that should serve to eliminate most controversies and give us confidence in fair elections.

Let’s exercise the political will to get it done.

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