Two days ago we marked the anniversary of a event that President Roosevelt said will live in infamy. 

Recently, in Maricopa County, Arizona, we may have experienced another such event.

I use the qualifying term “may” simply because I cannot be certain of the facts.  Some say this and some say that.  What is the truth?

Many of the following so-called facts were extracted from The Gateway Pundit, an admittedly conservative and sometimes biased news source.

According to one report, Maricopa County election managers originally announced that on Election Day over 540,000 voters visited one of the 223 voting centers in the county.  Later it was announced that 248,070 election day votes we counted.   What happened to the 291,930  missing votes?

Election day voting was expected to be overwhelmingly Republican.

There were scores of voting machine breakdowns around the county, and many voters experienced extremely long polling lines.  Vote counting went on for a week after election day.

There appears to be something rotten in Maricopa County.

Michelle Althum (sp), Election Marshal. made the following comments to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors:

The machines were misreading ballots the entire day, and the scanners lost power at my voting center.  “We are living in perilous times. This is a battle of good and evil. You can sit as lords over us. And I hope that anybody who’s running for a position in politics would get it through their heads that when they are elected they are not gods over us. They are elected as servants to us, We the People. And there will come a day when you sit before a higher judge. And you will be held accountable for your role in what’s been going on for the deception and mocking God with calling evil, good and good, evil.”

Powerful words.

Michelle obviously believes that the voting process in Maricopa went horribly and maliciously wrong.  This woman may be mistaken in her assessment, and perhaps some of the information reported by The Gateway Pundit is incorrect.  I truly do not know.  I only wish someone could produce some clear, uncontested facts without even a hint of bias.  That appears almost impossible in today’s political climate.

One thing I do know.  We desperately need electoral reform.  American citizens need to have confidence in the process.  I’ve lost mine.

There is a way to get it right, and it’s truly not that complicated.

Shorten the voting period to one week before election day, and enable voters to cast their ballot in person, with voter ID, at a number of conveniently located polling places.  Absentee ballots should be limited to those with a legitimate need, and these ballots must be received prior to  election day.  Votes must be tabulated and validated within 72 hours after the closing of polls on election day.

Let’s do it!

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