A Fairy Tale

I had a friend many years ago who thoroughly disliked the movie Sound of Music.  To him it was too sweet, too idyllic, too unbelievable.  On the other hand, he liked a gritty motion picture about gangsters and detectives.  I told him that the crime movie was just as unbelievable as the musical, and he finally agreed with my assessment.  Both movies had over-the top-characters, one set was almost impossibly good, the other irredeemably bad.  Both were modern fairy tales, one a “happy ever after” story, the other taken from the darkest pages of the brother’s Grimm.

Why were our reactions to Sound of Music so differentI believe it was because of our different childhood experiences.  My friend came from a broken home and a difficult childhood, and he was a cynic.  I, on the other hand, was reared in a veritable cocoon of love, had experienced gentility, and I expected good in people.  Maria and Captain von Trapp were not so very different from some people I knew.  To my friend, however, they were like aliens from a foreign planet.

I still like fairy tales with happy endings.

How about you?

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