Mean Words and Vicious Lies

I’m angered by the mean words that Biden, Obama, and Clinton are using to describe their Republican opposition.  If you believe them, Republicans, especially Trump supporters, are a threat to Democracy, and we must vote for Democrats if we are to save the republic.  Hyperbole is a mark of every political campaign, but Biden and his allies go too far.  For example, Biden describes Republicans as “the dark forces that thirst for power.”  The Republicans are not evil, and Biden knows it.  This excessive rhetoric only serves to further divide the nation and does nothing to inform the electorate about the real issues.

Democrat spokesmen also resort to vicious lies.  Former Presidents Obama and Clinton claim that the Republicans want to put Social Security and Medicare on the block.  Republican have held the Presidency and both houses of Congress in past years but never attempted to eliminate either entitlement.  They have no intention to eliminate Social Security and Medicare  if they take back the House and Senate next week, and the Democrats know that’s the truth.  These lies should stick in Obama’s and Clinton’s throats.

Hillary Clinton continues to fire on Republicans from the sidelines.  In words reminiscent of her “basket of deplorables” comment in 2016, she continues to castigate the stupidity of anyone would vote against Democrat candidates in 2022, those whom she obviously considers to be the only true defenders of democracy.

What arrogant nonsense!

Two years of Biden has brought us crippling inflation, a collapsed southern border, crime-ridden cities, failing schools, and a general sense that everything is going to pot.

On next Tuesday we will have an opportunity to vote the rascals out.

Let’s not fail.

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