America is Racist?

Leftist progressives like to say thar America is racist, and they frequently hurl a charge of racism against anyone  opposing their political agenda. They are absolutely wrong.  This nation is more accepting of people of different ethnicities than any other nation on earth. 

It has not always been that way.  Emigrants from Ireland and eastern Europe were often treated badly in 19th century America, and arrivals from Asia were also subject to extremely ill-usage.  As for our black fellow citizens, they experienced centuries of suppression and discrimination.  But we were founded as a Christian nation, and our Judeo-Christian ethic always drove us toward a higher ideal. 

Those evil days of racism are largely behind us.  Today, almost every American subscribes to Martin Luther King’s view that we should judge each other based on the “content of one’s character rather than the color of one’s skin,” and that belief has been codified in our laws.  Indeed, we sometimes bend over backwards in an attempt to correct and compensate for past wrongs.

Of course, there are still racists in America, but they suffer almost universal opprobrium.  A racist might be of any ethnicity or religion.  He might be white or black, professing Christian, Jew or Muslim. 

In my own experience, the most virulent racists of today are our inner city blacks. In Washington, DC, our nation’s capital, I had three dangerous confrontations with persons who hated me for nothing more than my skin color. During my youth, the label racist was appropriately applied to people whom Southerners labeled “poor white trash”, and these people later spawned the extreme white nationalists.   Both these groups are victims of poor education and unhappy environments, and these situations are amenable to change. Let’s make that a priority.

We are a nation of many races, and the haters are a small minority. Ethnicity should be no handicap in exercising one’s God-given abilities and achieving the American dream. 

We are all God’s children.  Let’s work together, love one another, and build a more perfect union.

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