John Fetterman is the Democrat Party candidate for the office of United States Senator from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

There a several important facts that every prospective voter should know about Mr. Fetterman.

  • Several months ago he suffered a serious stroke that appears to have affected him cognitively.  His speech has become almost incoherent.  He dodges question from reporters and refuses to debate his Republican opponent.
  • On the issues, Fetterman is an extreme liberal.  For example, he favors free bail for almost anyone charged with a crime, and he proposes reducing prison populations 30% by a program of early release.  Even as he says this, his own state and many Democrat run cities around the nation are suffering from a crime wave of unprecedented severity.
  • He is a darling of the LGBT community and the abortionists.  About a week ago he addressed  a pro-abortion rally and announced that his name was John Fetterwoman.  His campaign produced hundreds of t-shirts proclaiming his sexual transformation.  He says he wishes to codify Roe v Wade and supports a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy up to the moment of birth.

Unfortunately, the left-wing media and Pennsylvania Democrats stand behind him. 

Recently he was reported to be still leading in the polls. It is difficult for me to believe that the good people of Pennsylvania are that deluded.  His election would be a travesty – a stain upon the good name of the Keystone State and an affront to the United States Senate.

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