Farewell to a Queen

I first became aware of the future Queen Elizabeth when her uncle,  Edward VIII, abdicated and her father became King George VI.  Elizabeth was eleven at that time, and I was eight.  I followed her and her royal family with interest during the turbulent years that followed.  Newsreels were my primary source.

In  early 1952, two months following my marriage to Ann, George VI died, and Elizabeth became queen.  Seventy years have passed since that time, and now we say adieu to someone whom I grew to admire.  She wore her crown well.

Rest in peace, dear lady.  And may God bless the land you loved and served so faithfully.

One thought on “Farewell to a Queen

  1. I remember watching newsreels of Elizabeth’s coronation as a child of 9. Not only was I fascinated with seeing all the pageantry, but actually having a TV was a thrill. Of course the picture was only 8 0r 9 inches large, and was in black and white! So many changes since that time. Farewell Your Majesty, prayers and best wishes to King Charles.


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