Anthropological Wokeness

A recent anthropological paper documented a new “Trans Doe Task Force” that focuses on the “disservice” to society by those who identify human remains as male or female because those individuals, when alive, may not have “clearly fit the gender binary.”

The group suggests “a gender-expansive approach to human identification by combing missing and unidentified databases looking for contextual clues such as decedents wearing clothing culturally coded to a gender other than their assigned sex.”

Just months ago, Jennifer Raff, of the University of Kansas, claimed there are “no neat divisions between physically or genetically ‘male’ or ‘female’ individuals.”

Her wokeness propelled her to the idea that scientists “cannot know the gender of a 9,000 year-old biologically Peruvian hunter because they don’t know whether the hunter identified as male or female.”

She blamed that “‘duality’ concept” on “Christian colonizers.”

I did not realize that anthropologists were just as susceptible to gender madness as the rest of the academic community.  The insanity is spreading.

One thought on “Anthropological Wokeness

  1. A perfect example of what’s wrong with the “educational” system in America today! Write enough click bait articles and you’re bound to get attention so matter how outrageous your claims are.

    “Gender binary”? And yet she, yes “SHE”, constantly identifies as female in all of her papers and other articles. See . Talk about hypocrisy!

    I wonder how far SHE would have gotten in her academic career without using her minority set asides and other Gender Preferences?

    Need I point out that “Christianity” has only been in Peru since the 1500s and that there are literally thousands of mummified bodies in Peru that predate Christianity there. If gender binary is due to Christianity then there should be MANY available examples of NOT gender specific individuals. Has anyone ever found one?

    Until they find the remains of a prehistoric male dressed as a female (or vice versa) or that has other evidence that they lived as under alternate sexual identity, then I’m going to say that gender “preferences” was not “a thing” in the past. Gender is a FACT, not a preference.

    Her’s the very WORST kind of archeology, she is trying to impose her uber-modern cultural and political bias on an ancient culture.

    Papers like her’s are why trash cans were invented.


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