The Clouds

Have you ever encountered someone so brilliant and erudite that you feared making a comment in their presence for fear of appearing stupid.  In my life I have met only two persons like that, one in college and one at my old place of work.

Charles Schultz expressed that feeling very well in an old Peanuts comic strip. Charlie, Lucy and  Linus were lying on a hilltop gazing at the clouds.

Lucy says, “What do you see in the clouds, Linus?”

“Well, over there on the left I see a shape that looks like the winged horse Pegasus;  and, if you look closely, you see Perseus trying to rope him.  Just above, Andromeda is watching them from her window.  And look, on the right I see a bunch of men stoning the martyr Stephen, and Saul is standing there holding their coats.”

“And what do you see, Charlie.?

Charlie sighed, “I was going to say a ducky and a horsey, but I changed my mind.”

2 thoughts on “The Clouds

  1. Dad,

    I also have seen a few of these people myself over time. Like you a few in college and at technical conventions where there are many technical experts that discuss their field. Lately I have see one such person make a presentation on a TED talk.

    You can only gauge something based on your GOD given gifts and talents not just formal education since education does not confer what people state is common sense .



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